UEFA CAMPAIGN: COVID-19 vaccination

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The following is from UEFA. It has been forwarded to the Southern League by the FA, for distribution to Member Clubs. It regards COVID-19 vaccination.

“In this difficult period that the world is facing due to COVID-19 and the risk of complications following infection, it is essential to protect ourselves and protect others with the aim of permanently eliminating the virus. 

It is medically and scientifically proven that COVID-19 vaccines are effective and reduce the risk of getting and spreading the virus. Given the prevalence of some misconceptions about the COVID 19 vaccines, UEFA decided to produce a video with the support of leading medical and scientific experts in the field, inviting them to clarify and address some common concerns about the virus and vaccination, such as why to get vaccinated, the health effects of vaccination and its potential impact on the heart, fertility and pregnancy, not to mention general physical performance. 

We would appreciate your collaboration and support in sharing the link to this video with all your national teams, and all the clubs and players in your country. The video is available in English, with subtitles in English, French or German. You can access the full 12-minute versions, as well as shorter 3-minute clips, by clicking on the following link.  

We hope that after watching this video, any of your players, club officials and staff members who have not yet got themselves vaccinated will be encouraged to do so. 

Protect yourself, get your shot! By protecting yourself, you are also protecting others.”

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