Code of Conduct



Admission into the ground and the right to remain is on condition that the spectators,
home team officials, away team officials and club guests shall not:

  • Chant, sing or shout indecent or racial songs.
  • Use insulting, abusive or racial language.
  • Make indecent or insulting gestures.
  • Behave in a way likely to offend or endanger players, officials, other spectators, or themselves.
  • Be in the possession of, or use pyros.
  • Throw any missiles of any description.
  • Take glasses or glass bottles outside the bar areas.
  • Vandalise or graffitti any part of the Club property.
  • Encroach the playing areas.
  • Climb any buildings, walls or fences. (BSFC officials may take such action on the recovery of match-day equipment).
  • Fail to adhere to directions given by Bromsgrove Sporting officials or appointed officials.
  • Interfere with any match-day official during their duties.
  • Park in such a manner as to block traffic movements around or into the ground, or disrupt emergency access.
  • Enter any area designated for officials or players unless they have previous permission or have been instructed to do so by a Bromsgrove Sporting official in the event of an emergency.

Failure to comply may result in the following action(s):

  • Ejection from the ground.
  • Banned from attending future matches.
  • FA disciplinary action, including fines to Bromsgrove Sporting F.C.

We are also participants in the FA/Southern League initiative outlined below.

Love Football Icons

Every football fan should feel safe when watching their team.

But we have seen a minority of supporters ruining the game for others. That’s why we’re supporting strong measures across football to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours within football grounds.

These include:

  • Anyone carrying or using pyros will be reported to the police and may be banned.
  • Anyone invading the pitch will be reported to the police and may be banned.
  • Anyone throwing objects will be reported to the police.
  • Anyone engaging in antisocial and criminal behaviour will be reported to the police

All of these are illegal, dangerous and have no place in our game.

For everyone’s safety, clubs will report anyone carrying out these offences to the police, which can result in a permanent criminal record.
These measures could also now apply to the parents or guardians of children involved in these activities.

From the start of the 2022/23 season, anyone who enters the pitch and those carrying or using smoke bombs and pyros will now automatically be banned by their club.

These measures reflect the seriousness of the risks to fans and staff – pyros can burn at 2000 degrees Celsius and cause life-changing injuries, while entering the pitch endangers players, managers and match officials. – it is impossible for anyone to tell the difference between a celebrating fan and a violent attacker.

The football authorities are working with clubs and the Football Supporters’ Association to make sure everyone feels safe on matchdays.

We ask all fans to come together to show that those who commit these illegal acts do not represent the majority of supporters.

Love Football. Protect the Game.