THE ROWE-PORT: A message from our captain

The following is a message from Sporting’s captain, Luke Rowe…

“Unfortunately, there’s no game this Saturday, which is to the boys’ disappointment, as we are raring to go under the manager who has brought life into the team!

“Things are definitely looking up for the club, with changes both within the squad and off the pitch, so credit goes to all involved!

“With no game this weekend, I would like to take the time out to thank all our fans, with a very special mention to those who travel home and away, week in week out! Without your support, the club wouldn’t be where it is!

“From the minute I stepped foot into the club, I had a great sense of what it meant to the fans and the lads have tried to repay them over what has been a rollercoaster of the season.

“We have always stayed out on the pitch after the game (win, lose or draw) to thank those who spend their hard earned money on watching and supporting us!

“A big thank you to those and we hope we can get the VG bouncing in our next fixture against Berkhamsted.

“I also want to thank all the volunteers at the club for their hard work behind the scenes. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to play the games everyone enjoys to watch.

“To me, it’s really important that I give a massive mention to all our volunteers, who probably don’t get enough credit when they should.”

“The club has a massive ‘one club’ feel to it now and long may that continue moving forward! Enjoy your weekend off and I hope to see you next week against Berkhamsted – up the Rouslers!”

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