Sporting or Rovers?

From todays Chairman’s Stratford Town programme notes:

A very warm welcome today to our officials, together with the directors, players, and supporters of Stratford Town FC.

As you will have seen it’s been a very busy week.

On Wednesday, we welcomed Kobe and Samson to our playing staff from neighbours Kidderminster, and I wish them both every success during their time here.

You will have seen yesterday, that we announced we will be offering you, as supporters, the opportunity to vote on whether you wish to continue with our current name of Bromsgrove Sporting, or return to our former name of Bromsgrove Rovers?

There are mixed views with some very much for a return and others wishing to keep the current name. Over the coming days before the vote which takes place prior, during and after the Berkhamsted game on 2nd December, we will be publishing balanced views on why we should, or should not return to the original name. It’s for you to decide. There will be no proxy votes and you will be given one vote on entrance to the ground on the day, with ballot boxes distributed in three points around the ground.

Further, if you would like to take part in the debate, we will be opening up opportunities on our social media sites where you can forward your views and opinions. We will publish as many of these as we can during the process in a balanced, positive and friendly good-natured manner. I have my views of my own and will express these nearer the time as I’m sure you do too. Let’s discuss.

Once again, may I thank you so much for your support this afternoon and good luck to our lads!

My sincere thanks and best wishes.



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