SPORTING CHANCE: Meet the July winners!

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Our third Sporting Chance draw took place in July, and here are the lucky winners of the three great cash prizes…

Winner of the first prize (£300) in the draw was Peter Hawkins, who partakes in our walking football sessions!

On scooping the top prize, Peter was thrille, saying: “’Well, July has been the best month of my year so far. The lifting of lockdown restrictions, return of Walking Football and, to top it all, winning first prize in the Bromsgrove Sporting Chance draw.

“I’m chuffed with the win and delighted to be supporting such a good cause.”

Peter with his winnings

Winner of the second prize (£100) was Lesley Smith; she said she was ‘delighted with the winnings’ and added that she will see what she can treat herself to.

Lesley with her prize

Third prize (£50) went to Karis Smith.

“I’m going to save my winnings till I can spend them at the Rouslers Return – then the beers are on me,” she said.

Karis with her winnings

‘Sporting Chance’ is an ideal chance to support Sporting, whilst also having the chance to be a winner yourself!

Want details on how to enter? Perhaps you’d like some more information on the draw? Click here for all you need.

Congratulations to all our July winners! Who will be winning in August? Make sure you get your entry in and you will have a chance!

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