SAFETY NOTICE: Important spectator info for upcoming home matches

We are playing matches under the regulations of Worcestershire County Council. They are treating us as an elite sports club and have imposed a number of rules that we have to follow under the threat of being fined or the ground being closed, however inconvenient they may appear.

COVID monitoring officers could be at the matches possibly incognito so we are asking for the cooperation of all fans as follows:

  • If drinking alcohol, all spectators must be seated. Fans are being asked to bring their own deck chair or fold up chair so there are enough seats for everybody
  • At the entrance please wear a mask, keep at least 1m from the next person in the queue, gel your hands and have your temperature taken.
  • Once through the turnstiles, Bromsgrove fans move immediately to the North/Shed End, away fans to the South/Town terrace.
  • There is no standing on East side of the ground (by the food kiosk and bar entrances) except for spectators with disabilities under the canopy. This is to prevent close contact between fans.
  • Please wear a mask when moving round the ground and standing in queues.
  • Once served with food or drink, please move immediately to the Shed or Town End of the ground.
  • Please do not change ends at half-time to avoid mixing with other spectators.
  • Please sit at least two seats away from other spectators in the main stand unless in a family or support bubble. Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Please observe safe distancing on the terraces and remain in family and support bubbles.
  • Please listen to tannoy announcements and follow any instructions.
  • At the end of the match please exit keeping a safe distance from other spectators.

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