MIKE BURKE: A message from the chairman

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The following is from chairman, Mike Burke.

“It’s such a relief to be back at the Victoria Ground – it’s been a strange and stressful few months and our thoughts go out to all those who have lost family and friends due to this awful pandemic.

“I want to thank all the volunteers who have worked hard on the upkeep of the stadium throughout the extended break, and thanks to all the fans who have been so understanding towards the club with the financial pressures of no income but overheads, including the high rent still having to be found.

“Some difficult decisions have had to be made, mostly without knowing when or if football would return with fans, and then eventually finding out that those fans would be limited.

“With Sporting being self sufficient, mostly funded from gate money, the limit on the capacity has, of course, resulted in a reduction of income, that, along with the loss of our tenants Worcester City, who we thank for the last few years and wish them all the best in their new home, means that the pressure is on to balance the need to pay our way, with the desire to support Brendan and the team.

“Thanks to the hard work and success over the last four years, the club at lockdown was in a healthy financial position, and because of this we can support Brendan to field a team that will bring more success to the club and, hopefully, because of the effort put in to make the ground COVID safe and, if we show we can all make it work, the limit on capacity will be lifted in the near future, so we can be self sufficient once again and more fans can get back to enjoying their football.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported the ‘Sporting Chance’ prize draw, and to those buying new season tickets, to all the sponsors and to everyone that attends matches – all of this is what gives us Bromsgrove Sporting today and, importantly, for the future.


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