Message from the Chairman

From Saturday’s Programme – 5/11/22
Well things have certainly changed since our last match here at the Victoria ground. Off the pitch anyway. Now with the interim management team of Michael McGrath, Andy Mason, Richard Sneekes, Adam Marusiak and Gavin Blackwell, we have to change things on the pitch, and by change I mean improve!

It isn’t an easy task, it never is when taking over a team part way through a season, whoever takes the reins, there’s no pool of available players as there is preseason, most players are bedded in at their chosen clubs, and after going well over budget for our first two months, and being committed to contract players, we aren’t in a position to offer big money to tempt a player to come over to us.

But, that said, we aren’t looking for the type of player that would only come to us for the money, we have to build with exciting players that want to play for the club. Frustrating as it may be, this is how Sporting was set up, to avoid another Rovers situation but with that comes the need to live within our means, we have to be patient.

Some players may not like the changes that are needed, but those that have pride in playing for Bromsgrove Sporting will understand and do their best to turn results around, but the overriding factor has got to be that we ensure the long term future of the club.

In my younger days I spent a few years as a fan of Halesowen Town, in the 80’s and 90’s the club was enjoying a good level of success. And as a result fans and the owners raised their expectations. So if things didn’t reach those high expectations, the club of course parted company with a few managers, (at least one is still in management and one is a scout for Sporting!)

And despite them departing even though the team was still relatively successful, not one of those ex managers chose to slag off the club they had left behind.

That is respect.

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