GOODBYE 2020: A message from the chairman

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The following is a message from chairman, Mike Burke.

“A year like no other, that has brought suffering and loss to many people. In amongst all this, our own personal world of football seems small.

“But it does mean a lot to many people, because like other basic things in our lives that we took for granted, going out for meals, coffee with friends, spending time with extended family members, holidays, it gives us a quality of life that these lockdowns and tiers have disrupted.

“Its made us realise how special all those ‘basic’ things really are.

“Looking back now, I see all the volunteers, staff, directors of Sporting not sure what rules and restrictions would be thrown at them from one day to the next, yet they just got on with it.

“The guys looking after the ground, repairs and maintenance still needed. The bar and cafe folks, to order or to not order stock and the small matter of coming up with a COVID way of service!

“The restrictions on fan numbers putting pressure on players budget and other expenses. The players not knowing if or when they could play, but made compromises for the club.

“The directors who work so hard behind the scenes, including the amazing job at putting together our COVID risk assessment. The hard work to make this club so successful over the years so it is in an healthy state to get through these times.

“The fans who have been so understanding, and patient, not least the ones who have supported the ‘Sporting Chance’ draw, which has helped towards the high rent, especially when there was no other income coming in.

“Mistakes were made of course, hindsight is easy. But to all of those who are ‘The Sporting Family’, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thank you all.”

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