COLTS SET-UP: Statement

The following is a statement from Sarah Titmus, Welfare Officer at Bromsgrove Sporting.

“Firstly, it is important that everyone knows that Bromsgrove Sporting and Bromsgrove Sporting Colts are separate clubs. Each have their own affiliation and their own board of directors/committee. The clubs are linked of course.

“Bromsgrove Sporting (first team club) have never had any money off the Colts for player subs or otherwise. The subs the players pay go directly to the Colts.

“For the last two years, the club have offered either free or heavily discounted tickets for the players, coaches and managers of the Colts, as well as free mascot days.

“Unfortunately, we have had to stop this for this season with the current restrictions on the gate, as finances are very tight. Our priority must be the first team and the future of the club. We are also not able to run mascot days under the current COVID regulations.

“Barnsley Hall is not owned, leased or organised by Bromsgrove Sporting. It is leased by the Colts. If a team cannot play or train at Barnsley Hall, then that needs to be addressed with the Colts committee.

“Bromsgrove Sporting made links with Bromsgrove Walking Football. We agreed to help promote and advertise the sessions to help the club grow and promote football for all. We have also given a free kit to help them keep progressing.”

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