COLTS FIXTURES: Weekend 8 – 9 February

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Courtesy of Bill Edge


(L) = League (C) = Cup (D) = Development



 – Mercian (D) U7 Colts  v  Leigh & Beresford Badgers Deportivo: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – Mercian (D)  Perdiswell Colts Hawks  v  U8 Colts Whites:  10:30 at Bidford P F
 – Mercian (D) U9 Colts  v  Leigh & Beresford Badgers Zenit: 10:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – MJPL (L ) U16 Colts Red  v  Tipton Town Juniors: 10:30 at Ryland Centre
 – MJPL (L) U17 Colts Red  v  Eckington Juniors: 10:30 at  South Bromsgrove High School



 – CWYFL (D) Hampton & Solihull  v  U8 Colts: 10:30 at Tippets Field
 – CWYFL (D) U8 Colts Reds   v  Crusaders: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (D) Kings Heath Warriors  v  U9 Colts: 12:30 at Grove Unattached School
 – CWYFL (D) U9 Colts Whites  v  Boldmere St Michaels Junior Stags: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (C) U10 Colts  v  Phoenix Rangers Youth: 11:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL(C) U11 Colts  v  Knowle Tigers:  10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFJ (C) Glades  v  U11 Colts Reds: 12:00 at Lugtrout Lane
 – CWYFL (L) Bourneville  v   U13 Colts Athletic:  10:00 at Rowheath Pavilions
 – CWYFL (L) U14 Colts Gators  v  Holly Lane Utd: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (L) U15 Colts   v  Olton Ravens: 12:00 at Braces Lane
 – CWYFL (L) Sheldon Royals  v  U16 Colts Whites: 10:30 at Grace Academy Solihull

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