COLTS FIXTURES: Weekend 7 – 8 December

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Courtesy of Bill Edge

(L) = League (C) = Cup (D) = Development (F) = Friendly

 – (F) U7 Colts  v  Kings Heath Concorde: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) Studley Juniors Utd  v  U11 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Studley Sports Centre
 – (L) Tattenhoe FC  v  U16 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion
 – (L) U17 Colts Red  v  A F C Rushden & Diamonds: 12:30 at South Bromsgrove High School


 – (C) Sutton Coldfield Town  v  U8 Colts: 10:30 at Bishop Walsh Catholic School
 – (C) U8 Colts Reds  v  Kings Heath Concorde Juniors: 10:00 & v Catshill Lions: 10:50 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) Crusaders Yellow  v  U9 Colts: 11:15 at Rowheath Pavilion
 – (D) U9 Colts Whites  v  Sutton Coldfield Town: Junior Royals 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) U10 Colts Reds  v  Boldmere St Michalls Junior Stags: 11:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – (C) U11 Colts  v  Solihull Superstars: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (C) Sutton Utd Panthers  v  U11 Colts Reds: 10:00 at Sutton Utd F C
 – (L) Pheonix Rangers Youth  v  U13 Colts Athletic: 12:30 at Flaxley Rd P F
 – (L) Boldmere St Michaels Junior Blade  v  U14 Colts Gators: 2:00 at Braemar Rd P F
 – (L) Bartley Reds  v  U15 Colts: 10:30 at Newman University Sports Centre
 – (L) U16 Colts Whites  v  Solihull U N: 2:00 at Rubery Leisure Centre

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