COLTS FIXTURES: Weekend 25 – 26 January

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Courtesy of Bill Edge

(L) = League (C) = Cup (D) = Development (WCC) = Worcestershire County Cup


 – (D) U7 Colts  v  West Worchester Youth: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) West Worcester Youth Wanderers  v  U8 Colts Whites:  9:30 at Temple Laugherme
 – (D) U9 Colts  v  Catshill Owls: 10:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – (TE) D B A  v  U11 Colts: 10:30 at King Edward VI Sheldon Heath Academy
 – (L) U16 Colts Reds  v  Brakeley Town Juniors: 10:30 at Ryland Centre
 – (L) U17 Colts Reds  v  Studley Junior Bees: 10:30 at South Bromsgrove High School


 – (C) Solihull Moors  v  U8 Colts  v  Solihull Whites: 10:00, 10:25 & 10:50 at Silhillians Sports Club
 – (C) Maypole Utd  v  U8 Colts Reds  v  Cadbury Athletic: 10:00, 10:25 & 10:50 at Maypole FC
 – (D) Birmingham Rangers  v  U9 Colts: 10:30 at Brocklehurst Lane P F
 – (C) U9 Colts Whites  v  Rubery Juniors: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (C) U10 Colts  v  Hillfield A F C Reds: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) U11 Colts  v  Boldmere St Michaels Junior Mikes: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (L) U13 Colts Athletic  v  Highgate Utd Youth Sports: 1:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (L) U15 Colts  v  Solihull Moors: 12:00 at Braces Lane
 – (D) Tamworth FC  v  U11 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Austery P F
 – (L) A F C Chelmsley Boys  v  U12 Colts: 12:30 at Marston Green Rec
 – U14 Colts Gators  v  Tenbury Utd Youth: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – Meadow Park Youth   v  U18 Colts Shamrocks: 10:30 at LG Harris – Semi Final

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