COLTS FIXTURES: Weekend 1 – 2 February

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Courtesy of Bill Edge

(L) = League (C) = Cup (D) = Development (WCC) = Worcestershire County Cup


 – Mercian (D) Perdiswell Colts Condors  v  U7 Colts:  9:30 at Bidford P F
 – Mercian (D)  U8 Colts Whites   v  Lower Teme & Marthey Racers: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – Mercian (C) U9 Colts  v  Perdiswell Colts Lions: 10:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – MJPL (D) U11 Colts Reds  v  Berkswich: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – MJPL (L ) F C Premier  v  U16 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Ray Hall Lane
 – MJPL (L) Evesham Utd Juniors  v  U17 Colts Reds: 10:30 at  Evesham Utd FC


 – CWYFL (D) U8 Colts  v  Coleshill Town Colts: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (D) Rubery Juniors  v  U8 Colts Reds:  11:45 at Bay Tree Lane
 – CWYFL (D) U9 Colts  v  Rubery Juniors:  10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (D) Crusaders Green  v  U9 Colts Whites: 10:00 at Rowheath Pavillion
 – CWYFL (C) U10 Colts  v  Hillfield AFC Black: 11:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (D) Knowle Tigers  v  U11 Colts:  10:30 at Dorridge Primary School
 – CWYFJ (D) U11 Colts Reds  v  Bourneville: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFJ (L)  U12 Colts  v  Lyndon Colts: 11:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (L)Highgate Utd Youth  v   U13 Colts Athletic:  12:00 at Highgate Utd FC
 – CWYFL (L) U14 Colts Gators  v  Coleshill Town Colts: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – CWYFL (L) Six Ten Warriors  v  U15 Colts:  1:00 at Cooksey Lane P F
 – CWYFL (L) U16 Colts Whites  v  Sheldon Royals: 2:00 at Rubery Leisure
 – CWYFL (L) Hampton Hawks  v  U18 Colts Shamrocks: 2:00 at Hampton FC

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