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The following is a statement from chairman Mike Burke regarding the newly created Red Recruitment Cup, which Sporting will be taking part in.

“While we aren’t playing, all our players are on furlough; we wanted to be part of this new initiative, but by playing the matches, we will have to take the players off furlough, and although its usual for players not to get paid for friendlies, we felt that it is only right that players get paid for these friendlies – the matches are going to be more competitive and exciting than the average friendly, with a trophy (and bragging rights!) at stake.

“But we were also aware that we rely on the match income to pay the players (and of course the other costs, rent etc) and that we still have the limited capacity of 600 fans and we are unable to sell alcohol unless fans can ‘sit down to drink it’ (Worcestershire Council stipulation based on ‘elite sport’?!)

“So with our income being restricted, we really appreciate the support and understanding that the fans are giving us through these difficult times, and in return lets go all out out to win this trophy!”

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