2020/21 SEASON TICKETS: Refund info

Now that certain COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, we will shortly start refunding the 17 unused tickets from 2020/21 season ticket books.

This will mean refunds of:

Adult: £161.90
Senior: £121.42
Junior: £80.95

The full books of tickets will need to be returned to clubshop when claiming the refund.

New 2021/22 tickets have been ordered from the printers and once they are received we will post the dates and times.

We will, alongside refunds, be offering the option of putting the old tickets towards the cost of the new 2021/22 tickets at a reduced price of:

Adults: £30 plus your 2020/21 tickets
Senior: £20 plus your 2020/21 tickets
Junior: £15 plus your 2020/21 tickets

For fans thinking of purchasing a season ticket for the first time then the prices will be:

Adults: £200
Senior (over 65): £150
Junior (12-17 yr old): £100

Thank you to all fans for your patience at this time; we obviously have had to abide by COVID-19 rules and also give consideration to health risks to the volunteers and directors involved.

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