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CLUB NEWS: Worcester match to be segregated

Arrangements for the match vs Worcester City on Tuesday 10th April at 7:45 p.m.

Owing to pressure from the emergency planning officer at Worcestershire County Council, this match will be segregated.

Bromsgrove Sporting fans will have access to the Shed (north) end, the bars and snack bar on the Birmingham Road (east) side and the north half of the main stand.

Worcester City fans will have access to the Town (south) end of the ground and the south side of the main Stand. A temporary snack bar and drinks bar will be available for Worcester fans in this part of the ground as they will not have access to the permanent facilities.

At the entrance, all four turnstiles will be open with Sporting fans using those on the right and Worcester fans using those on the left. Pass holders and VIPs to use the reception office as usual.

On entry to the ground stewarded barriers will be in place to direct supporters to the appropriate part of the ground.

SIA (security) officers (male and female) will be outside the ground and will conduct bag and body searches. It will be illegal to bring into the ground any form of weapon or missile, drinks bottles or cans (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Anybody attempting to bring illegal items into the ground may be denied entry and will risk the possibility of arrest.

Bromsgrove Sporting reserve the right to deny anybody entry into the Victoria Ground.

The front car park (by the turnstiles) will be reserved for VIPs and disabled spectators. All officials, coaches and players should park in the top car park behind the north stand.

There will be no spectator parking in the top car park as there will be insufficient places available. Spectators are advised to park in the Council car park off Stourbridge Road which is free after 7:00 p.m. or in the car park at the Artrix which is also free and allows quick access to the A38.

4 Responses

  1. FinstalllGreen

    Seems a bit OTT. Was there trouble on Boxing Day?

    Bromsgrove fans who saw Rovers’ death spiral will have sympathy for Worcester’s current position – it’s not like they’re Harriers! They should be united with City fans in attempting to save their club and bring it home to Worcester. I’d like to see both sides go up.

    I wrote to the Worcester commercial guy suggesting that Sporting season ticket holders should be given reduced admission to City games at the VG – after all they need all the support they can get – no reply, symptomatic of the off-field dysfunction there. .

  2. Neil P

    I have a question for all Bromsgrove Sporting board members. Do you think you should be doing a lot more to prevent flares being brought into the ground, home or away. Can’t all fans be searched for starters. My fear is that these morons will cost us one day. Terrible example at Loughborough today when fares were let off and nobody took any action

    1. simon nicol

      Thanks Neil.My name is simon nicol and I am the Safety Officer at Sporting.I agree wholeheartily with everything you have said .We will be searching at the match today and we did at the Worcester City game.The problem is that the vast majority of flares,smoke bombs are very small and can always be concealed.The board directors DO NOT WANT anyone carrying any kind of pyrotechnic in the ground.Anyone found carrying a pyrotechnic will be banned from the ground FOR LIFE

  3. Neil Payne

    Hello Simon,
    Thank you for the reply, much appreciated. I did observe the searches and commend you for the actions taken. Maybe it’s just now a question of technique on how you search fans. Difficult I know. The Premier League and European competitions are still blighted by this disease. We do not want to alienate any fan but I feel an example needs to be made. I think your last sentence needs to be publicised on all forums prior to the start of next season.
    Regards, Neil.

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