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Sporting striker Rich Gregory talks about how last night’s win over Stourport Swifts was the ideal tonic after a disappointing time of things and how it is vital that this is carried forward to Yaxley on Saturday.

“Nice to wake up today with a smile on our faces after last nights win at Stourport.

“Some good goals scored and more importantly a clean sheet, which the gaffer expressed before the game how important it was to get the clean sheet after our last two heavy defeats in the league.

“As you all know, our last two defeats in the league were just not good enough at all – the goals we conceded, at any level of football, were just simply not good enough.

“As players, we all had a chat together and all take full responsibility of our performances – last two games, we let the fans down, we let the management team down and, most importantly, we all let ourselves down. So for one final time we apologise for that.

“Moving on, the best thing about football is you always have a game to put it right and after last night’s win at Stourport, we can fully take everything into this Saturday’s game at home to Yaxley.

“A team we don’t know much about but, again, we are very aware that they have had some good results this season, so we will prepare right for that.

“More importantly, as long as we are all back on our game and perform to our capabilities collectively and individually, with the Shed End rocking, I fully believe that we will come away with a positive result.

“See you all Saturday. UTR ❤”

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