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CLUB NEWS: Fire Warden Vacancy

Most of the work done at Bromsgrove Sporting is carried out by volunteers, many regular fans who share our philosophy of making the Club inclusive and getting supporters involved with the running and operation of the club. To that end we have a volunteer vacancy for somebody with the interest, enthusiasm and a degree of experience to carry out the duties of Fire Warden.
We would like somebody to take on all the responsibilities for fire as follows:

· Testing and if necessary dealing with maintenance the alarms
· Checking fire extinguishers and ensuring that they are in correct positions depending on circumstances
· Ensuring that notices and warnings are correct, up to date and in the right positions
· Maintaining and keeping up to date a list of procedures relating to all matters with fire including what to do in an emergency at both football matches and events in the bar or studio.
· Taking a leading role and liaising with the safety officer should fire break out at a football match.
· Liaising with the bar manager on procedures for dealing with a fire in the bar or studio.

If anybody is interested in helping with this role then please contact me by email at or my mobile 07956 646993.
As is usual for volunteers the role come with the benefit of free admission to matches and availability of hospitality.

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