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THE THOMAS JONES STAND: A tribute to one of our own

Bromsgrove Sporting have completed refurbishment of the main stand roof at the Victoria Ground, with it now being named after the Bromsgrove student, Thomas Jones, who tragically died in Worcester two years ago.

The work on ‘The Thomas Jones Stand’ was technically complex, replacing old asbestos cladding with coated steel panels and all done 12 metres in the air using a cherry picker.

The project took just over a week to complete; club chairman, Mike Burke, thanked everybody involved.

“It was with great pleasure, pride and no little relief to have seen the finishing touches to the transformation of the main stand into ‘The Thomas Jones Stand’,” he said.

The Thomas Jones Stand under construction

Mike added: “Ever since that emotional night in October 2018, when it seemed that all of Bromsgrove came together to pay tribute to a great lad and a lovely family, I knew that Tom had to remain part of Bromsgrove Sporting and what better way than a stand bearing his name.

“It was the support from everyone at that match and the kindness of his parents, Ian and Vicki that gave us this opportunity.”

“However, it has taken all this time for it to happen. The original idea was for a new stand at Town End but. in the present climate. that work has had to be put on hold. So the Main Stand was the obvious and, perhaps, more fitting option.

“Due to the specialised nature of the skills needed to do this job, it has taken longer than anticipated, as it was not easy to get suitable contractors and there have been several false starts.

“But now, thanks to Abbey Signs and especially to Duncan from DJF Roofing, I think we have done Tom proud.”

Vicki and Ian, Tom’s parents, said: “We are so proud that Bromsgrove Sporting have re-named the stand in Tom’s memory – a wonderful gesture and the most fitting tribute.

“Our most heartfelt thanks to the club, especially Mike Burke and Dave Shep (Sheppard, facilities manager), who have been an amazing support to us. We are thankful beyond words.”

In addition, the Club are hoping to hold another match in memory of Thomas once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

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