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THE PLAYER LOWDOWN: Brookes talks Sporting pride and regrets, what the club means + family

This feature sees us catch up with former Bromsgrove Sporting midfielder Joe Brookes. He talked about his love for the club and also regrets on his time with the Rouslers, plus his football career post-Bromsgrove and his attempts to get his children playing.

In his 66 games for Sporting, Joe scored 18 goals and made a name for himself as a reliable, consistent force in the middle of the park during the first few seasons of the Rouslers’ existence.

Joe (furthest right) with captain’s armband

“I signed for Sporting just after they moved back to the Victoria Ground and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the club. Myself and my family were always welcomed by the fans, the board and the players.

“We recently came back to watch the Thomas Jones game and was invited to chat with the likes of Dave Stephens (Fixtures Secretary), Graham Scott (Vice Chairman/Director of Football) and Shep (Dave Sheppard, Facilities Director) – they always go above and beyond for my family.”

However, despite his warmth towards the club and the time he spent there, he explained that he did have some regrets.

“I have always been disappointed with the fact that I was never fully fit at Sporting, as I was dealing with various health issues. But I was happy with what we managed to achieve in my time there and I loved playing for the club, whether it was for the first team or reserves.”


“Since leaving Sporting, I have had short spells with Fairfield Villa, Cadbury Athletic and Alcester Town, but due to my work shifts and family demands, I now stick to over 35s football on a Sunday morning.

Trophy success with Fairfield Villa

“Away from football, I got married and purchased a new property, which we have being renovating over time. My two boys are growing up fast but unfortunately, after a brief spell with Bromsgrove Sporting Colts, they haven’t got the desire to play football – but I keep trying!”









Despite not playing for Sporting for many years now, he was keen the express how much the club still means to him.

“Sporting will always be special to me and I enjoy going back there whenever possible. I have met great people over the years and still stay in touch with a lot of them, but I wish we could have stayed together longer to see what we could have achieved; but the club has gone from strength to strength and I have nothing but pride for where the club has got to in such a short period of time.

“The fans deserve a team playing at the best standard of football possible and I wish everyone associated with the club, past and present, all the best for the future.”

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