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TEAM MATE TALK: Richard Gregory

This week, it’s club captain Richard Gregory answering the questions, including a few new ones, in our Team Mate Talk feature – with the majority of players asked saying the striker, out of all the players, is most likely to become a manager in the future, who will he choose?…

Worst Fashion Sense?: I don’t really see what people are wearing to be honest but I’ll go with John Pykett, as every one else has.

Who could be a Manager in the Future?: I’ll be honest, as we have a very young squad, I don’t really see any potential managers at the moment.

Worst hairdo?: I will go with Charlie Dowd.

The vainest?: I’ll go with Josh Quaynor and Jono Brown on this one, as it’s too close to call.

Funniest?: Aaron Roberts by a country mile.

Best dancer?: Last team night out I was watching the gaffer and, to be fair, he had some decent moves.

Most skilful?: Very very close between Will Shorrock and Charlie Dowd – both have fantastic quick feet.

Longest in the shower: Kyle Lincoln

Worst trainer?: There are some candidates for this one – I’ll go Charlie Dowd though. Surprisingly, he just seems to do everything wrong in training, but we would prefer that in training than on a matchday.

Toughest?: Again, we have so many, so I couldn’t choose. Josh Quaynor and Nathan Hayward are very hard tackling in the middle so I wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with them, but Jack Wilson is a machine so I will go for Jack.

Best friend at the club?: I am close with a lot of these boys, but Josh Quaynor is like my brother so I’ll go with Quay.

Most potential?: Again, we have some young players who have a bright future. Sully (Dan O’Sullivan) has bags of ability and so does Will Shorrock, but I’ll go with Charlie Dowd, as he can go on and do whatever he wants, as long as he listens to me!

Who would you not like to be left on a night out with?: Liam Spink and the reason for this is because he will take all the ladies off me!

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