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TEAM MATE TALK: Nathan Hayward

Our brand new feature sees midfielder enforcer Nathan Hayward offer a jovial insight into the team this week, by answering a range of different questions…

Worst Fashion Sense?: A couple of the lads are guilty of this; Jake Heath turned up like he was ready to teach a history lesson on a night out but for me, overall, it’s got to be John Pykett; Gok Wan would be fuming seeing him rob clothes out of his old man’s wardrobe.

Who could be a Manager in the Future?: Has to be Richard Gregory for me; very observant to what goes on on the pitch. Football Manager 2019 – the lad definitely does some damage on it!

Worst hairdo?: There’s a couple of rascal hairdos flying about but has to be Charlie Dowd – looks like the mushroom out of Mario Kart.

The vainest?: Hands down Josh Quaynor – the lad turns up with curlers in his hair telling me how many ladies he has spoken to – scandalous!

Best Dancer?: I’d like to say I’m up there but it has to be Andy Mason with his bionic hip. He has got the two step down to a tee!

Funniest?: Aaron Roberts by far. Got one liners for days and if you’re having a bad day, he’s the one lad who can put a smile on your face.

Most skilful?: A lot of talent in the squad but Charlie Dowd for me; he’s got magic feet to go along with that magic mushroom haircut.

Worst trainer?: Now the legend Mozza has unfortunately left, I’m going to give it to our kitman Leigh McCaffery for the one session he was in goal. Needs to strengthen up those cat flap wrists of his, bless him.

Toughest?: Jack Wilson I’d say; the lad is as strong as an ox and as soon as he puts his body in front of the ball, there is no chance of getting it off him.

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