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TEAM MATE TALK: Josh Quaynor

In a brand new feature, a different Sporting player each week will provide a candid insight into the team, answering a range of different questions. First up, it’s midfielder Josh Quaynor…

Worst Fashion Sense?: John Pykett, as he always sneaks into his dads wardrobe to borrow his jumper and checked shirt on a night out.

Who could be a Manager in the Future?: Richard Gregory, as he is getting on in age and seems to think he knows about the game!

Worst hairdo?: Jono Brown – thinks he’s in the 80s with his high top cut.

The vainest?: Nath Hayward. Thinks he’s a proper stud and pulls all the women but in fact loves himself more than he thinks

Best dancer?: Charlie Dowd. Loves a dutty wine.

Funniest?: Aaron Roberts has got to be the funniest. He has never ending banter and he knows he’s mad in the head

Most skilful?: Will Shorrock with them white boots, he thinks he’s still at Walsall but when he’s dribbling around you, he’ll nearly break your ankles!

Worst trainer?: Daniel Morris is always moaning about training or saying he has an injury or illness; any excuse not to train!

Toughest?: Jason Cowley is non stop on and off the field – I wouldn’t want to go 12 rounds with him!

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