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TEAM MATE TALK: Jason Cowley

As our brand new feature continues, in which a different Sporting player each week provides a candid insight into the team by answering a range of different questions, it’s striker Jason Cowley who takes it on this time…

Worst Fashion Sense?: Craig Jones; when we went to Benidorm, he was bringing some rascal shirts out.

Who could be a Manager in the Future?: Richard Gregory, as he always has something to say about the game.

Worst hairdo?: Tom Taylor and his bad hairline.

The vainest?: Josh Quaynor. It has to be; he is always tensing his chest.

Funniest?: Aaron Roberts. I’ve never been in a team with someone so funny. He has always got something funny to say.

Most skilful?: Charlie Dowd. It has to be – the ball just gets stuck to his foot when he goes on a run. His feet are a joke.

Worst trainer?: Daniel Morris loves to walk around with his hands in his pockets, moaning he is cold.

Toughest?: Jack Wilson – once he puts his arm out. there is no chance of getting the ball off him.

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