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TEAM MATE TALK: Aaron Roberts

Taking charge of our unique insight into the team this week, by answering a variety of questions in our Team Mate Talk feature, is the one and only, defender Aaron Roberts…

Worst Fashion Sense?: A lovely lad but dresses like Tony Blair on a picnic so it’s going to have to be John Pykett.

Who could be a Manager in the Future?: I’m going go with Richard Gregory – he’s edging towards it already, having done a few of the warm ups while he’s been out injured so I will say him.

Worst hairdo?: A few buzz cuts floating around but going to go with Charlie Dowd – when he turned up, he had a lovely 70s perm, which looked nice but since then, he’s gone through a transitional period of not knowing what he’s got.

The vainest?: There’s a few candidates once again – I’m swaying towards Josh Quaynor but Jack Wilson secretly thinks he’s a young Burt Reynolds.

Longest in the shower?: To be fair, this could be one of a few but I’m going to go with Andy Mason – we all run out when he enters!

Funniest?: I’m going to go for Jono Brown – don’t get me wrong, he’s not funny at all but he comes out with mad comments that just open him to get slated by the lads which tickles me.

Most skilful?: Charlie Dowd all day; from day one in training, when we got the balls out he megged me and he’s been making people look silly ever since.

Worst trainer?: Again, love the kid, but think he does the opposite of what the gaffer asks so going with John Pykett.

Toughest?: On the pitch, I would say Jason Cowley. Never known a kid get kicked, taunted and roughed up because of his ability so much. But, he never backs down and always has the last laugh with his goalscoring.

Off it, I will say big Jacko (Jack Wilson). Lovely lad but he beat me up on the coach a few weeks ago and ripped my boxer shorts, so I’m going to say him (but I will chin him).

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