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STEWARD APPEAL: Matchday assistance at VG wanted

As Bromsgrove Sporting are a football club that plays in a stadium, we are legally obliged to ensure that everybody in the Victoria Ground is safe and secure on match days. Therefore, we need to deploy a number of stewards around the ground.

We can use outside contractors to supply the necessary personnel, but there is a cost and we would rather spend our money on stadium improvements and supporting the squad.

The main function of stewards is to check that all is OK with the crowd and to help out where necessary such as enquiries or minor incidents.

Stewards are not expected to deal with difficult situations such as disorder (that is very rare anyway) and these sorts of incidents will be handled by trained professional security staff or the safety officers.

In exchange for arriving 1½ hours before the kick-off and remaining until the crowd has dispersed, volunteer stewards are entitled to the following:

– Free admission to matches
– A free tea, coffee or soft drink and a snack
– A free drink in The Rouslers Bar after the match for any steward staying behind to lock up and tidy up after the match.

Anybody interested in helping out as a volunteer steward can send a private message via Twitter or Facebook or email Phil Baker (deputy safety officer) at

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