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A quick update following the abandonment of yesterday’s match between Bromsgrove Sporting and Didcot Town.

The fault is in the pylon for the lights on the antenna near the turnstiles. The light kept tripping when we attempted to re-start suggesting that there is short circuit in or around the pylon.

The lights on the other three pylons are all working OK as they were at the beginning of the second half yesterday. However the referee thought that there was insufficient light in the SE corner of pitch to play the match safely and reluctantly took the decision to abandon.

The lights as are still under guarantee and we have been successful in contacting the company who installed them. However as may be expected, they cannot investigate until tomorrow (Monday) morning but they have stated that they will do everything possible to rectify the problem with a view to ensuring that the match against Worcester City can be played but obviously it depends on the cause of the fault.

We will attempt to keep everybody up to date with progress particularly regarding the match on Tuesday. If it is going to be postponed, we will try to give as much notice as possible. Similarly with the under 18s match on Thursday and the game against Peterborough Sports next Saturday (8th December).

As for the re-arranging the game against Didcot Town, that will almost certainly be a Tuesday evening match between now and the middle of January. Nothing has been decided yet but an announcement will be made once the fixture has been agreed.

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