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CLUB NEWS: Reserve team to cease at end of season

At its board meeting earlier this week, Bromsgrove Sporting Football Club decided to cease having a Reserve team at the end of this season. In previous seasons, the Reserves had played in the Midland Football League Under 21s division.

The decision was made purely on footballing reasons. Reserve teams usually allow first team players to recover form or from injury as well as getting match time when they were not playing. In addition the teams normally allow young players to progress to playing for the first team.

Although there had been some successes, it was decided to look for an alternative method of allowing first team players to get practice and match time and as a method of allowing young players to gain experience and preparation for first team football.

Any footballers playing for the under-18s team showing potential could then be loaned to any “feeder” club or clubs whereby gaining experience.

Bromsgrove Sporting will be seeking agreements with local clubs who run teams with whom dual registration will be possible allowing player exchanges between clubs as and when required.

The decision to cease the Reserve side was not taken lightly and the board of directors wish to thanks everybody involved with the team in particular Dave Smith the manager, his coaches and the players who have shown considerable loyalty to the Club along with Andy Parr, the Reserves match secretary.

3 Responses

  1. Ron Gifford

    so rather than having your own reserve team you will use players from other clubs to bring into the first team and first team players will play for clubs that have nothing to do with Bromsgrove when injured. sorry i don’t see the logic here apart from financial gain for the club as you don’t have to help the reserves out with the ground costs.. i think this is a very narrow sighted idea and will no doubt come back to haunt you. Outside teams will if they have any decency to their players would nit drop regular players so that an injured player for Bromsgrove can get match fit. it just doesn’t make sense in the slightest

  2. Liam

    Well I’m here if bromsgrove ever need a reserve team set back up as my sat team now boast a lot of potential and quality

  3. Jon read

    Surely a reserve team is a must as to keeping fringe players happy by getting a match whilst still being associated with sporting ? I think this will come back and hurt sporting in the long run .fringe players won’t be happy just sitting on the bench or having no part of

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