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PLAY-OFF PREVIEW: Richard Gregory

Ahead of our play-off semi final versus Sutton Coldfield Town, we are getting insight from some of our players, looking at the fixture and the season as a whole. Here is striker Richard Gregory’s take…

“So, as the play-offs draw closer, after a fantastic season, it’s certainly a game we are all very much looking forward to.

“For me, these are the reasons we play football – a home semi final in front of what I hope will be 2000 plus. It has the minerals to be a cracker.

“Our home form has been excellent, so good preparation and application will be important as always, as we face a side who are very dangerous, who have plenty of experience, who have match winners and a good management team, who have been in the game a long time.

“I felt there wasn’t much in the two games with Sutton this season, so for outsiders looking in who think that us finishing 25 points ahead of our rivals will be a home banker are very much wrong, as all that goes out the window.

“The support we have at this club is amazing, so I hope you all come and play your part, as it’s important to us players.

“I personally, on behalf of the players, call on you all to turn up in your numbers and be as noisy as you can.

“One big last push together – let’s do this.”


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