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NEWS: Council pledges to support Sporting

Bromsgrove Sporting Football Club has been in discussion with Bromsgrove Council for over 18 months seeking a review of their current £12,000 ground rent and to have their ground lease extended by at least an additional 25 years. This extension is required to give the club security of tenure when seeking major ground improvement grants.

We are extremely pleased that at the Council’s Cabinet meeting on June 3rd, the Council pledged both to increase the ground lease to 50 years and to ‘discount’ the annual rent by up to £10,000 per annum for five years, with the money being used for Capital Programmes. Both these decisions are subject to ratification by full Council 17th June.

Mike Gardiner, Director of Capital Programmes, said: “With the current restrictions we are unable to play football and thus have no income. A date for resumption may be many months away but our outgoings continue and we are working hard to ensure survival of the Club. 

“This money will allow us to start considering the areas where we need to provide better facilities at the Club, especially for spectators, disabled persons, playing staff, ground environment and ground safety – many of these were on the ‘agenda’ until COVID-19 brought all plans to a sudden halt and diverted our resources to survival rather than development.

“I am really pleased that the Council have recognised the benefit the Club brings to the town both directly through our first team, youth and ladies set up and indirectly through our charity work. Supporting us in this manner helps to ensure our survival and hopefully future development.”

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