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NEW CAMERAMAN: Sporting fan Jack takes the camera – find out more!

You may have noticed we have video highlights of our games – these are being filmed by 14 year-old Sporting fan and local lad, Jack Mansell. Here’s your chance to find out a little more about our new man behind the camera!

He saw a Reserves game back in 2012, after training on the pitch, with his first game being at the start of the 2016 season.

On how Jack first started watching Sporting, he said: “My dad asked if I wanted to come to a game with him and to bring a few mates along.

“I gradually kept on coming again and again until I would go to any home game no matter what (not away games as I can’t exactly drive!!)

He remembered how excited he was about seeing former Rousler Robbie Bunn, adding that when Josh Quaynor played midfield, he absolutely ‘lit up the pitch’.

Talking about his pride at working as part of such a great club, Jack said: “Sporting genuinely have some of the best fans in all of non league.

“To get near 1000 people in for a step 4 club is almost unheard of and getting almost 4000 for the semi final of the Vase was absolutely insane.

“Everyone at the club has been amazing to me so far and has made me feel welcome. It’s a massive privilege to film for a club with such massive ambitions, amazing people and amazing fans!”

In his spare time, Jack likes to listen to music, play guitar (of which he is doing a grade 7 in November) and is also an Aston Villa fan (but we think he prefers Sporting!)

We hope you will welcome us in wishing Jack all the best as he continues his role! To watch his highlights, click here.

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  1. Brett

    Thank you so much. One of the only ways I can “watch” a game is through things like this as I live in California. Keep on posting them highlights

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