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MIKE BURKE: An appreciative statement from the chairman

The following is a statement from chairman Mike Burke, looking at the current situation, plus his thanks to everybody who keeps the club going.

“A season that ended with a whimper, rather than a bang!

“We aren’t used to that at Sporting; we have gotten used to dramatic conclusions to the season!

“That said, what a great first season at this level! The team has come a long way and a lot has been learnt, which will put us in good stead for next season.

“I think Brendan, Andy and the team deserve our praise for what they achieved and, as we all know, had the season concluded, we would have been in the play-offs, we would have won both matches and achieved a fourth promotion!…

“Okay, I haven’t really got a crystal ball, but who’s to say that wouldn’t have been the case after the last three seasons?!

“Thanks to all volunteers, staff and directors who (a lot of which is unseen) keep the club going and progressing.

“Of course, thanks go to the great Sporting fans. With attendances averaging around the 1000 mark this season, it has been truly remarkable.

“The fans play a huge part in ensuring the club can pay its way and that will be even more important next season, due to the current situation of having no income whatsoever coming into the club, but with overheads still needing to be paid.

“This, along with the affect on sponsorship income, with companies under pressure during the lockdown will mean we, along with all clubs, will certainly have to take a close look at the players budget.

“However, we will, as always, strive to give Brendan the support he needs to have another great season, whilst making sure this great club is around for future generations.

“As disappointing as this lack of football is, it pales into insignificance against the widespread affects of the Coronavirus outbreak and thoughts, of course, go out to everyone who is, or will be affected by, the pandemic.

“Lets all stay safe and get through this.

“See you next season. Mike.”

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  1. Roger Annetts

    Really great season, pity we couldn’t finish it, I think we would have been great in the play offs. Looking forward to next season

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