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FA NOTICE: Pitch incursions

The club has received the following notice from the FA…

“As another season draws to an end, clubs are again asked to be mindful of the potential for mass pitch incursions by supporters.

These do pose a threat to the safety of players, officials and spectators and The Football Association would urge all clubs to make every effort to discourage fans from entering the pitch.

Whilst it is acknowledged that supporters may wish to mark the close of season in such a fashion, should an incursion occur, The Football Association will thoroughly investigate, with the primary focus being on the home clubs’ plans and preparations for such an incident.

Furthermore, The Football Association will continue to pay particular attention as to whether players and officials have been adequately protected during the said incursion.

We would take this opportunity to remind you that The Football Association has the powers to take disciplinary action under FA Rule E20(b), which states that no spectators or unauthorised persons are permitted to encroach onto the pitch area, save for reasons of crowd safety.

Given the potential seriousness of such incidents, we would ask that all clubs ensure that they have the necessary risk assessments in place and as far as is possible prevent any such incursions from occurring.”

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