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COLTS FIXTURES: Weekend 16 – 17 November

Courtesy of Bill Edge

(L) = League (C) = Cup (D) = Development (WCC) = Worcestershire County Cup


 – (D) Leigh & Bransford Badgers Deportivo  v  U7 Colts: 10:45 at Ralphs Fields
 – (D) Perdiswell Colts Falcons  v  U8 Colts: 9:30 at Bidford Playing Fields
 – (D) U11 Colts Reds  v  Aston Villa: 10:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – (WCC Quarter Final) Meadow Park Youth  v  U16 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Harris Brush Works
 – (L) U17 Colts Reds  v  Alvis Junior Eagles: 10:30 at South Bromsgrove High School


 – (C) Solihull Moors  v  U8 Colts 11:55 & U8 Colts  v  Knowle Panthers: 12:20 at Dorridge Primary School
 – (D) Maypole Utd  v  U8 Colts Reds: 10:00 at Maypole F C
 – (D) U9 Colts  v  Sheldon Royals: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (D) Holly Lane Utd  v  U9 Colts Reds: 10:30 at Yenton P F
 – (D) Solihull Moors  v  U10 Colts: 11:30 at Solihull Moors F C
 – (C) Glades Athletic  v  U11 Colts: 12:30 at Lugtrout Lane
 – (C) U11 Colts Reds  v  Meadow Park Saints: 10:00 at Barnsley Hall
 – (L) U13 Colts  v  Bartley Reds South: 11:30 at Barnsley Hall
 – (L) Bourneville  v  U13 Colts Athletic: 10:00 at Rowheath Pavillions
 – (WCC) Kempsey Colts  v  U14 Colts Gators: 2:00 at Kempsey F C
 – (WCC Quarter Final) U15 Colts  v  Inkberrow Eagles: 2:00 at Rubery Leisure Centre
 – (L) Maypole Lions  v  U16 Colts Whites: 12:00 at Maypole F C
 – (WCC Quarter Final) U18 Colts Shamrocks  v  Belbroughton U17: 10:00 at Braces Lane

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