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COACHES’ CORNER: Graham Scott previews Aylesbury game

Ahead of our league visit to Aylesbury, Sporting’s Director of Football Graham Scott, who will be in the dugout for the game (taking the place of the absent Andy Mason), has expressed his thoughts. These include being part of the management, the way Sporting are playing and a preview of our opponents.

“When I was asked to be part of the management team, I was humbled. It takes me back the days to when I used to share the dugout with Keith Draper at Sporting.”

Reflecting on our 2-0 win over Welwyn Garden City last Saturday, Graham said: “I felt like we really came of age that day. It was an education. We were excellent.

“The way we move the ball forward, with quick passing and how our young players are involved is testament to Bren and his team.

“We really press and push forward as a team now, where perhaps previously we pushed forward as individuals. Bren and Andy really have made a stamp on this team.”

Looking at Aylesbury, Graham said: “In no way does their current league position reflect their quality. They beat Dunstable 6-1 in their last league game.

“It’s another unknown territory for us; they are a lively side and this will be tough.

“But if we play our game, we should be confident in ourselves.”

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