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COACHES’ CORNER: Bren Kelly previews St. Ives Town

Ahead of Saturday’s Southern League Premier Central match versus St. Ives Town (3:00 KO), manager Bren Kelly has previewed the fixture, with emphasis on making the Victoria Ground an intimidating place to come to.

“This week, we are back at the VG to take on St Ives – a crucial game as we try recover from what were, yet again, clearly highlighted individual errors. It’s become alarming and we are working hard to eradicate them.

“Our hot and cold season is very frustrating and I am fed up talking about it, so we just need to take action and sort it.

“The squad is big and healthy now and it’s up to the players to display a performance that says ‘this is my shirt and I’m keeping it’. Not enough of them are doing it at the moment, which prevents consistency, and that is what we crave at the moment.”

“There are four games at home in a row now; the VG seems a nice place for teams to come and play – the players and fans need to change that and make it a difficult, hostile place to come and play.

“I’m not asking for ill behaviour, but the VG needs to be more of a daunting place, especially with the fantastic numbers we get.

“Our fans are incredible for us, with the way they follow us and long may it continue.

“I don’t want away teams looking forward to coming and playing at the VG – I want them dreading it and the Sporting faithful can help with that, as will the squad on the pitch.

“It’s time to put and end to the rollercoaster results and find stability. All the injuries are pretty much all back to full health so no excuses – we must start doing better.”

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