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CLUB UPDATE: Admission prices and season tickets

The following is a club statement regarding admission prices and season tickets.

A number of fans have contacted us asking what is happening about the matches that did not get played that they effectively paid for on their season tickets and if there will be a refund or an offer on next season’s matches.

We have also had enquiries about admission prices for next season.

We cannot give any answers at present, as we live in complicated times. As things stand, we do not know when the next season will start, which division we will be in, how many teams will be in the league or how many matches will be played.

Planning is virtually impossible, not just for admission and season ticket prices but for everything else, including managing the squad and the team.

Once things become clearer, which could still be several weeks away, and when we are able to start planning, then we will make an announcement regarding admission and season ticket prices for next season. We hope that fans will bear with us during this difficult time.

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