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CLUB NEWS: Wages and expenses

Below is a statement outlining the club’s position regarding player wages and expenses.
“Whilst it is not our intention to comment on the specifics of the Club’s budget or arrangements with individual players, we can confirm that in line with many clubs at this level and above, players payments are paid on a weekly basis, irrespective of the number of games played.
“If a player does not play during the week (even if due to matches being cancelled) then no payment is made. This is the norm throughout non-league football and has been the case with Bromsgrove Sporting for this and previous seasons; nothing has changed and all players are aware of the situation.
“In respect of payments for the week of the Boxing Day match, players due a payment were paid albeit four days early and this we believe led to a misunderstanding that a payment had been missed. The situation has been explained to players by manager Paul Smith and chairman Mike Burke will also speak to them on this matter.
“The board have set a weekly budget that we believe is both competitive and within the Club’s financial means.”

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