Sporting Chance

Bromsgrove Sporting are excited to announce the launch of our new prize draw – ‘Sporting Chance’ – an ideal chance to support Sporting, whilst also having the chance to be a winner yourself!

‘Sporting Chance’ costs just £10 per entry per month, which is paid on the 15th of every month by standing order. There are THREE prizes winners every month, with the main prize at £300!

And the great thing is, the more entries we have, the better chance there will be of the prizes increasing!

Email to submit your name, phone number and how many entries you would like (please ensure the name you use is the one that will be feature on the bank statement).

Then set up a Standing Order using the bank details below to run on the 15th of each month.

The bank account details for standing order are

Bromsgrove Sporting
Lloyds Bank

May’s winners

1st prize: Andy Clarke (£300)
2nd prize: Matthew Kimberley (£100)
3rd prize: Chris Curtis (£50)

June’s winners

1st prize: Chris Mckeon (£300)
2nd prize: Victor Aguera (£100)
3rd prize: Andy Clarke (£50)

July’s winners

1st prize: Peter Hawkins (£300)
2nd prize: Lesley Smith (£100)
3rd prize: Karis Smith (£50)

August’s winners

1st prize: William Chaundy (£300)
2nd prize: John Robb (£100)
3rd prize: Stephen Rogers (£50)

September’s winners

1st prize: Will Watson (£300)
2nd prize: Jerome Wallington (£100)
3rd prize: Andrew Shirley (£50)

October’s winners

1st prize: Marc Pullen (£300)
2nd prize: N. Clarke (£100)
3rd prize: Matthew Kimberley (£50)

November’s winners

1st prize: Ian Jones (£300)
2nd prize: David Thomas (£100)
3rd prize: Russell Warner (£50)