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CLUB NEWS: Paul Smith Resigns

Following the decision of the Bromsgrove Sporting board of directors on Monday to hold discussions with manager Paul Smith in order to plan and discuss the future direction of the Club and to resolve differences, a meeting was held between directors and Paul with an independent chairman. Unfortunately, Paul felt that he did not have the full support of the board and decided to resign as manager immediately rather than at the end of the season.

In a brief statement, club chairman, Mike Burke said “It is regrettable that Paul has decided to resign now but we are grateful for all he has achieved for the Club in his 4½ years here. We wish him well for the future”.

Assistant manager Brendan Kelly will take over first team responsibilities saying that he is looking forward to the challenge ahead. The board of directors, the Bromsgrove Sporting Supporters Society and the team management have now agreed to continue to work together for the benefit of the Club.

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  1. Kelvyn Cooper

    What a totally sad situation.Couple this with the rumors of major sponsors , then I am really troubled regarding the clubs ambition.As supporters our mainstay is hope for our club & when we are provided with the recent years successes we have to thank the manager & players.does the constitution stop further investment? If it does then will we have to settle for mediocrity?The board must be able to match a decent managers ambitions.I hope that there will be a full explanation for 700 fans who are going to fell well let down by the club. Sadly this could see as rapid a fall as the gentle rise .Good luck to Brendon but I have now lost faith in this board overall. I will still support but may well resign from BSSS as appears toothless

    1. Phil Baker

      Two of our major sponsors have committed themselves to continue supporting the Club
      Why are you troubled with our ambition? Our aim is still to be promoted this season
      We are always interested in anybody who wants to invest but we have not had any recent approaches.
      Why do you think we are setting for mediocrity? What further explanations do you want please?
      If you have lost faith in the board then what do you want us to do? If we resign who will run the Club and do all the work?
      Members of the BSSS do a sterling job in supporting the Club with fundraising and work around the ground, I will leave you to decide if this is being toothless.

  2. Gary Macpherson

    I’ll post this without obviously knowing either side of the story but feel this is a really disappointing development and a serious let down for the supporters.
    You’d think that previous experience would help shape current and future plans but there is no limit to the effect of personal agendas and egos.
    The chapter in Brian Clough’s book regarding Board of Directors comes to mind.

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Gary. What Brian Clough says about directors not understanding football is true. But what he was referring to is owners and directors interfering with football matters that they know nothing about. That has not happened at BSFC, managers have been appointed and left to get on with what they know best. Your comment about two sides to the story is also correct but I am curious about what you say on “personal agendas and egos”. Can you supply details and evidence?

  3. Kris cooper

    Absolutely agree. What a crying shame and absolute proof that the directorship of football clubs attracts inadequate individuals only concerned with their own status. The optimism of an entire town has been dashed. Mike Burke and Co please do the decent thing and resign as you are not fit to run an ambitious football club

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Kris. I have just approved your comment for publication on our web site; no holding back free speech here. Could I respond on a couple of points please? If we all resign on the basis of what you think has happened not necessarily what you know then who is going to do all the work behind the scenes? Unfortunately running a football club is not just a matter of appointing a manager then sitting back, I wish it was.

  4. steve

    talking to one of the sponsors of the club there are two sides of the story, so what all fans want is to hear the truth?

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Steve. We have been talking to sponsors in light of this week’s events but at their request details are under wraps at present but we hope to make a few facts public soon.

  5. FinstallGreen

    First, with zero knowledge of the ins and outs of what’s happened behind the scenes, I’d like to thank Smudger for some great years and great football (albeit at a level I’d never have thought likely in Rovers days, but that’s not his doing) – and wish Brendan Kelly all the very best.

    Second, because I have no idea what went on, I wish the people who seem to know why it’s all the Chairman’s fault would tell me what they know and I don’t.

    Third, a more general theme, talk of “bringing in new investment” worries me if that means debt. I’d like the club to be self-financing if at all possible. I’ve seen Rovers die and I fear I may be watching another local club’s death throes – don’t let history repeat itself here. We get much higher gates than most clubs at this level and that itself will be attractive to players.

    Finally thanks again to Paul Smith and all the players for some memorable days out. It may be we have just done the non league equivalent of sending Cloughie from Derby to Notts Forest, but I can’t predict the future – except that I’ll keep my affection for my hometown club.

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Finstall Green. If I could just respond on attracting investors please? All clubs obviously want and need money but to date we have had no firm offers from anybody outside the club to invest. I somebody did invest then we would have to be careful. Good example is a rugby club in the West Midlands when somebody pumped in several £10,000s that was spent on recruiting good players. They rose up the league hierarchy but then the investor got bored and there was no money to pay the expensive players, they left and now the club is back to where they started. OK a few years of higher quality rugby but no net benefit.

  6. Martin warman

    Hi lost a great manager in paul smith just dont let sporting end up like bromsgrove rovers all the players must stay and stick together and do it for the club smithy and the fans who support you with great passion good look promotion OH paul we need a new manager at leeds united send in your C.V


    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Martin. Thanks for your post. Let’s hope we can continue where we left off against Boldmere last night. As for Leeds United, I currently have enough to do with Bromsgrove Sporting thanks but note that they are currently losing to my childhood team, Wolves.

  7. Gary

    When Mike Burke became chairman the club was going nowhere and in the red. The club now sit at the top of the league again and are in the black!!
    I for one heard many grumbling from players regarding the manager so I am sure the truth will come out but before you lay blame at the door of the chairman do the sensible thing and wait for the facts to be known

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Gary. There are two sides to every story and we are unhappy to lose Paul but as has been stated he left for non-football matters. We are now hoping to build on his success and move on hopefully with the same players who have done us proud up to now.

  8. Charles

    When to the club intend on telling the fans the facts then? Also when will the club be updating the fans on the questions asked at the fans forum Thanks

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Charles

      If you send me details of what facts you require, I will look into sending them on to you.

      Regarding questions asked at the Forum (I presume you mean that held on 8th January), it was an informal meeting and no notes were taken so you will need to let me know to which questions you would like or were expecting answers. However Craig Gibbons of the Bromsgrove Standard did a blog of the discussion that evening so here is the URL if you need a reference:



  9. Charles

    Hi phil, thanks for getting back to me and publishing my questions, I am a however a little taken aback by the response… I am asking for facts on the back of your reply on this news feed from 2nd march where you have stated the club are hoping to publish a few ‘facts’ soon? So I am asking the club to publish those facts please…. Not to me privately but in general.

    So do the club tend to publish the facts on why we lost our most successful manager of all time or not….? I think the fan base in general deserve the reasons from the club, don’t you?

    Regarding the forum I cannot believe the club didn’t take a list if all the questions that were asked and Mike Burke replied, we will get back to you on that or we will update you on that at a later date… To which there were several…. Did Mike not make notes on what he promised to get back to the fans on or anyone on his behalf if not then one could be lead to believe it was perhaps just a PR exercise and a fob off…. Hope it wasn’t otherwise it was just a pointless meeting and I personally won’t be happy that I seemingly wasted my valuable time in attending. Phil do you really want me to have to ask the questions again or does Mike/the club actually have promised answers and updates? Thanks again Charles

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Charles
      I am sorry but I do not have the time to do a moving commentary on everything happening at Bromsgrove Sporting. In addition much of what has gone on is confidential not just for board members but for Paul Smith as well. Questions asked at the forum and subsequent press releases from the Club have dealt with enquiries.
      Can I suggest that if there is anything that you consider unanswered then to direct specific questions to me please?

  10. Charles

    Hello Phil thanks for the reply and offer to answer questions further. first of all, I understand all the work you do for the club that’s not in question, not expecting a running commentary on anything and haven’t asked for one? So maybe you have misunderstood my previous posts? Just wanted to have some info about why our manager left (quite a major event I am sure you will agree) and any lessons learnt from it, also some promised feedback given by the chairman himself to some questions at the fans forum……..that’s subsequently the club haven’t recorded? .that’s all, that’s it… a committed supporter of our club I didn’t think that would be to much to ask?

    Press releases have not dealt with unanswered questions at the forum or provided updates on other subjects that were promised.

    I will ask the questions again if an appropriate time/opportunity arises, to the correct people in the correct manner. I guess its also a principle thing for me if the football club I love make a commitment to get back to the fans on different subjects at a public forum then I take it as granted they would have noted that commitment, and delivered on it, especially during such a turbulent time for the club and all involved (including the fans)….I do find that frustrating if I am honest.

    I do have one question thanks before I finish, can you provide details on what the boards short (now to 1 year). medium (2 to 3 years), and long term (5years plus) vision/target/expectations are for the first team set up, in terms of which division you expect us to be playing in by a given time. I think its important that is shared with the fans so realistic judgements of progression can be made by all concerned, it may help everyone share in one common goal and react accordingly. No vision, no plan, no communication, no join up expectations by all parties.

    Coupled with that I would like to know the off field strategies and plans that will be put in place to support these ambitions, especially in terms of increasing revenue etc. Any new ideas, any different strategies being followed to increase revenue Thanks

    1. Phil Baker

      Hi Charles
      I do not have the time that you have to spend all day on social media but I will give you brief answers then that is the end of this thread. I have a lot of background work to do for this Club this week.
      Paul Smith resigned his position because he felt that he did not have the full support of the board. I have nothing else to add to this statement.
      If you want responses to questions that you believe were not answered after the forum then please tell me which questions they were.
      A plan is something that has to be achieved. Football clubs have ambitions not plans and our ambition is to play at the highest possible level given appropriate finance and resources.

  11. Charles

    Hi Phil, first of all I find your response rather unpleasant, personal and impolite, unless I have misinterpreted it, you make assumptions about my personal and private life and how much time I have etc, You know nothing about me so I find that a rather odd statement to make and slightly inappropriate for a club official to make about a fan just asking a couple of questions about the club I support. Is it not appropriate to ask the club I support a couple if questions on their official page? Sorry as this has quite clearly annoyed and irritated you judging by your comments. I appreciate you are busy, see I am not making rude assumptions about how you spend your time, but I ask my questions as I care about this club and you are the communications director I believe. I find your answers vague, of course I understand clubs want to play at the highest level within their means I was interested and asking specifically what ours are…… These questions were not intended to have caused any offence which they clearly have, I am just a fan who cares about his club, not just that over recent seasons have gave as much time voluntarily as I can to help with its progression in varies ways…. To be given the response I have to be honest has offended me, sorry to bother you I have defo learnt my lesson and it won’t happen again, one day I hope the club will be more inclusive and open with the community fan base that it claims to be rooted within, until I feel that day has returned that’s defo now over and out from me in terms of giving up my time for nothing….. Now this is the end of the thread I started just to ask a couple of very simple questions….

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